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According to the Colorado Department of Education, three of four jobs will require education and training beyond high school. Career and College Launch (CCL) promotes personal growth and economic self-sufficiency for local youth by creating a college-bound and workforce-ready culture. 

Since 2016, CCL has worked with over 400 students at no cost to the participants. The programming is delivered in the form of workshops, classroom presentations, one-on-one advising, direct tuition assistance, and an internship program. Students receive guidance and resources as they pursue colleges and careers. As part of the CCL program, BHA offers annual scholarships for students through a competitive application process. 

Dori Benavidas Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student who plans to pursue a career in education or law.


Otorgada a un estudiante quien desae ejercitar una carrera de educacion o justicia.  

Terra Management Scholarship

Awarded to an academically high-performing student with plans to enter a trade school, college, or university. 

Otorgada a un estudiante que demuestra una preformacion academicamente alta y esta anticipa a entra a un colegio o universidad.

Maria Alvarado Memorial Scholarship 

Awarded to a student who has displayed an upward trend in their academic performance during their high school career.


Otorgada a un estudiante que muestra alto rendimiento academico durante su carrera en la secundaria. 

Jessica Hara Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student with a passion for animals and plans to carry this passion into a post-secondary program that will lead to a career in the care of animals. 

Otorgada a un estudiante con una passion asia animales y cual planea continuar con esta pasion a un programa secundario que lo avanze alcanzar una carrera del cuidado de animales.

Click here for the 2020 CCL Scholarship Program Updates

Supporting Partners: 

The Career and College Launch program is proud to have the opportunity to work with supporting partners to assist students in the community with their post-secondary goals, which includes working to identify students that can benefit from CCL services as well as providing scholarship opportunities. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a supporting partner, please contact our team at or 303-655-2160.

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