Biz Launch

Biz Launch provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the assistance, support, and resources to launch and run successful businesses. 


Biz Launch was established in 2014. The program assisted eight Adams County residents, with annual household incomes of 125% or less than the poverty line, with establishing service-related businesses. Some grew their annual income to $40,000 in the first year, and to date have generated over $100,000+ in revenue. This year Biz Launch will assist another round of applicants with their businesses and increasing their earning potential. 

Biz Launch provides and connects eligible Adams County residents to the resources they need to get the certifications, training, and/or specialized licenses they need to launch a business. 

Services offered but not limited to include: 

  • Assistance registering your business with Colorado Secretary of State

  • Assistance registering your business with City for sales tax (if applicable)

  • Assistance securing business licenses with the State of Colorado 

  • Consultations with legal, accounting, and marketing expertise 

  • Support for website development and maintenance 

  • General liability insurance 

  • Company-specific certifications and training 

For more information regarding the Brighton Housing Authority and the Biz Launch Program, including applicant qualifications call 303-655-2162. 

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