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What is public housing?
  • Federally Funded Housing
  • Owned & Managed by the Brighton Housing Authority
  • Extremely Low-Income Households Targeted (30% of Median Income Level or Below)
  • Pay no more than 30% of Income
  • Must live in Public Housing Units – Cannot take Subsidy with you
  • Eligible Participants are selected from a Wait List

How do you sign up for public housing?
The  public housing waiting list is currently closed.

Note: There wait list for public housing that carries over from year-to-year. This program is separate and independent from Section 8 and the Section 8 wait list.


The Brighton Housing Authority (BHA) family wait list is CLOSED!

Completed pre-applications MUST be:
  • Filled out completely, accurately, and legible;
  • Signed and dated by the applicant;
  • Returned either in person to BHA offices or by mail;
  • Mailed pre-applications must be mailed to BHA at 22 S. 4th Avenue, Suite 202, Brighton, CO 80601.

Qualified pre-applications will be placed on the waitlist and ranked according to local preferences and date and time of submission. BHA currently has preferences for residency, working, educational/training, and Olmstead. Public housing applications generally remain on file from year-to-year and eligible applicants will remain on the waitlist until they are selected for a unit offer.

If you require a reasonable accommodation to apply for the public housing waitlist please contact the office at 303.655.2160303.655.2160.

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