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Biz Launch

Biz Launch is an annual program that provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the assistance, support, and resources to be successful and launch their businesses. 

Biz Launch, was established in 2014. The program assisted eight Adams County residents, with annual household incomes of 125% or less than the poverty line, with establishing service related businesses. Some grew their annual income to $40,000 in the first year, and to date have generated over $100,000+ in revenue. This year Biz Launch will assist another round of applicants with their businesses and increasing their earning potential. 

For more information regarding the Brighton Housing Authority and the Biz Launch Program, including applicant qualifications visit click here or call 303-655-2162

Biz Launch Program Businesses:

Career & College Launch

According to the Colorado Department of Education, three of four jobs will require education and training beyond high school. The Career and College Launch (CCL) will help Brighton Housing Authority (BHA) clients lesson the likelihood of their dependents becoming clients in the future for subsidized support, by promoting postsecondary career and college readiness and a college going culture. The CCL is a component of BHA’s award winning Applicant Assistance Program (AAP), which helps mitigate some of the demands on the BHA. In partnership with School District 27J, CCL is committed to fostering new legacies for the children of the community. The success of a community-based organization like the BHA’s Career and College Launch is important to local colleges, universities and trade schools alike, as these institutions look to accomplish their missions by attracting under served, and at-promise populations to increase their diversity and reflect the states’ changing demographic population. 
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